We offer a competitive rate matrix that includes on-demand pricing for support & development, and a selection of retainer packages to ensure full service when needed.

Retained Service Rates

Retainer packages are designed to offer a quicker turnaround on support requests, while ensuring the lowest possible rates for on-going clients. Retainer services may vary depending on client needs, and may include a combination of server hosting, website maintenance & updates, server administration, monitoring, backups, and security auditing.

The matrix listed below is intended as a boiler-plate, and a custom retainer agreement may be negotiated as needed. For other options and customized tiers, please contact us to arrange a face-to-face appointment.

Rate Matrix
Package Hours Included * Lead Time ** Retainer (month) *** Overage Rate
Tier 1 5 72 hours $350/m $70/hr
Tier 2 7 72 hours $475/m $70/hr
Tier 3 10 48 hours $650/m $65/hr
Tier 4 15 748 hours $900/m $60/hr

* Included hours do not include on-site service calls unless on-site support add-on is included in retainer
** Lead time subject to occasional scheduled vacation. Lead times are provided as a maximum, and support/service will often be provided in a much shorter time-frame. Lead times are listed in business days.
*** Services included may be subject to additional fees, subject to quote at time of request. See list below for service descriptions

Monthly Add-Ons

These services are not available stand-alone without monthly retainer contract. These services may be added/discontinued as needed each month.

Description Price
Website & SSL Hosting/Management* $25/m
On-site support – On site support provided within allotted lead time per retainer contract** $50/m
Procurement – Ensures no markup on any hardware procured.*** $50/m

* Hosted Services available to retainer clients only. Hosting includes 10GB of storage, Wildcard SSL certificates, MySQL hosting, PHP 7.3+, WordPress hosting and backups. 6 month contract required.
** On-site support limited to services as outlined in agreement.
*** No markup limited to desktop & server hardware. Does not include any setup time, licensing fees, hosting fees, or other administrative fees incurred.

On-Demand & Project Rates

On-demand services are provided on a per hour basis, billed per 30 minute increment, with a minimum of 1 hour per service call. For website content or update services, the minimum is reduced to 30 minutes for support requests.

The minimum lead time is outlined here based on the minimum amount of time that may be requested for on-demand calls. While services may be provided within a much shorter time frame, this is required as a hedge against busy time periods when shorter response times may not be reasonably possible.

Rate Matrix
Service Lead Time Minimum Hours Hourly Rate
Website Updates 1 week 1/2 hour $75/hr
Website Development & Re-development 4 weeks 10 hours $750 Initial + $70/hr additional
Remote Services 1 week 1 hour $75/hr
On-location Services 3 weeks 2 hour $85/hr
Other Consulting Services & Home IT Support 1 weeks 2 hour $95/hr

* All on-demand services, including production projects are subject to proposal & individual contract. All on-demand services are payable within 10 business days. Projects are subject to 50% deposit.