I am...

... an online experience engineer with a 20 year history of developing applications for web, mobile devices, and other platforms. My first application was a text-based adventure game written in Basic in 1993 when I was 9 years old. I have been writing software ever since.

My favorite platforms to develop in are Javascript, Redis and PHP in Linux using AWS as a backbone, although I have experience working with nearly all major languages, databases and frameworks.

I am an alpinist, climber, skier, and adventure photographer living in the Bow Valley, Alberta, Canada, and specialize in working remotely will all kinds of clients.

I am an expert with following technologies and platforms:
PHP5 .NET MySQL Redis.io Memcache MSSQL
Postgres Laravel Framework Javascript/Jquery Joomla WordPress Bootstrap
Payment Portals HTML5 CSS3 Linux CLI NGINX Apache AWS

You can find & connect with me here